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How & why the Natural Magic Cleaner was created

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           Heidemarie Schreiber








          Gerhard Mühlberger

Neither of us are dreamers, nor are we eco-freaks. But we are convinced that we humans are part of nature and therefore cannot live against it in the long term. We therefore try to do our part so that we do not saw off the branch we are sitting on.


The trigger for the "Natural Magic Cleaner" project came in 2018. We were sitting in our sailing boat in our marina in southern Dalmatia and enjoying life when Heidemarie suddenly noticed the dirt floating on the surface of the water. It came from the many boats that were being cleaned, both charter and private. The thought occurred to us to investigate which substances actually ended up in the water. The result was devastating: all of it was actually hostile to life and therefore dangerous for humans (eyes, lungs, skin).


Since Heidemarie had been involved in the production of ecological natural soaps for a long time, she soon began to develop an ecological and 100% degradable liquid cleaner that should of course also be skin-friendly. After six months the time had finally come: the prototype for an ecological boat cleaner was ready. After many tests on a variety of boats, in the course of which we received a lot of praise, we decided to launch the "Natural Magic Cleaner - special cleaner for watercraft and equipment" on the market.


Encouraged by the success of the boat cleaner, the liquid cleaners for "Car, Camper & Camping" and "Commercial, House & Garden" have since been added. Today there is almost nothing in your environment that you cannot clean with one of our Natural Magic Cleaner.


Give nature a chance too. You are also doing something good for yourself. Contact us. Why not now? We will be glad to help you.



Heidemarie Schreiber & Gerhard Mühlberger