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Natural Magic Cleaner sponsors the "Seglergemeinschaft Kassel" [Sailing Community Kassel] since August 2020. The donated amount will be used entirely for youth training. The "Seglergemeinschaft Kassel" uses the Natural Magic Cleaner to clean their boats. (See comments below.)




"The Natural Magic Cleaner is a great product. I have also used it at home with great success. At first, our customers do not want to believe that you can clean the whole car with it - except for the windows. The cleaning of the rims is particularly spectacular Apply a damp household sponge a little of the cleaner and wipe it over the rim - and the greasy film of brake abrasion, oil and road dust is gone. Incredible, but true. I regularly convince my customers with such a demonstration. And they keep coming back. "

Violetta Rechlin, REWO Media, vehicle wrapping, Natural Magic Cleaner sales partner, Güstrow, February 2021

""The cleaning of the oven shown below was a real challenge for the Natural Magic Cleaner. Of course, you can't simply wipe away residues that have been burnt in for years. The surfaces were soaked well with the Natural Magic Cleaner and left this way overnight. The next day the oven was treated with a sponge soaked with the Natural Magic Cleaner and a ceramic hob scraper. This procedure was carried out three times. But then the oven was clean again, even without aggressive and environmentally harmful chemicals. "
H.S., Kassel, March 2021

"The Natural Magic Cleaner is an all-round talent! We are big camping fans, we like to travel through Europe, especially France, and with the Natural Magic Cleaner we have not only been able to clean and preserve caravans and awnings excellently, but are still delighted that you can clean practically everything with it: In addition to external blinds, satellite dishes, garden furniture, flower pots, garage doors, mailboxes, beach chairs and much more, this cleaner is also unbeatable in the household - a really biological agent for everything, instead of conventional chemical cleaning agents.
Our beach chair, for example, had verdigris on it - not only the beach chair itself, but also the non-removable cushions could be cleaned easily and smoothly.
We particularly like that the Natural Magic Cleaner has a beading effect that we have never been able to achieve with any other cleaning agent, so you don't have to worry about soiling in the near future. The Natural Magic Cleaner is the best choice for those who believe in sustainability and the price of it is really unbeatable because of the productivity. "
Thorsten N., Immenhausen, March 2021

"Last week I used your cleaner for the first time on our club ship on the Baltic Sea. It worked wonderfully! The members of the SGK who then used the ship said that it had not been so clean for a long time."

Mitja Leitner, Rigging Master on the Board of the Seglergemeinschaft Kassel e.V. Kassel (GE), August 2020.

"..... The cleaner works fantastic and has already been used on the dinghies and on the Inspiration."
[Extract from a mail to the members of the SGK; Inspiration = SGK sailing yacht on the Baltic Sea]
Mitja Leitner, rigging master on the board of the Seglergemeinschaft Kassel e.V. Kassel (DE), October 2020

"I also used such a bucket with NMC [Natural Magic Cleaner] mixture to get my dinghy, which had been totally rotten for years, clean, and now it flashes like new. I just didn't have a dog on hand to try whether it would drink it ;-)"
Lars Breuer, Managing Director Kelteks d.o.o. , Karlovac (Croatia), August 2020
                    [See comment from Yachtrefresh below.]

"When I was cleaning my sailboat I had to go down to the cabin for a moment. When I got up again, my dog had his head deep in the bucket of Natural Magic Cleaner diluted with water. He had already drunk a lot of the detergent mixture. Neither then nor at any time later did he have any health problems about it. A good proof that the Natural Magic Cleaner really only contains natural raw materials that are harmless to health and the environment."

Marco Kossakowski, Co. Yachtrefresh, Wunstorf, Natural Magic Cleaner sales partner, July 2020

"A neighbor has moved out. There were ugly black spots where his washer and dryer were. He tried to put them away with his cleaners, but to no avail. With Natural Magic Cleaner, I mostly got rid of them on the first try. The 'spots' that are still visible are not dirt, but the concrete paint has been scraped away at these points."

H.S., Kassel (GE), May 2020

"For a long time I had a 30-year-old small storage table in the basement. He had gotten dirty accordingly. After cleaning with the Natural Magic Cleaner, a household sponge and a washing brush, the wood shines like new."

H. S., Kassel (GE), April 2020

"I cleaned my balcony and everything that is there. The tiled floor, the furniture & the grill. All with the Natural Magic Cleaner, which I had used in the rest of the apartment all last year. The old leatherette sofa has become beautiful. The scuffed leading edge was of course no longer new. :) The grill is again as clean as if I had just bought it. I had only cleaned the wooden bench superficially for years. Now the old dirt is gone and the wood structure reappears. The dark stains on the backrest are remnants of an earlier treatment with teak oil. (It left very differently colored areas; I find the wood more beautiful now.) The fabric covering of the seat cushions for the bench is spotlessly clean again. I had previously washed it in the washing machine, but this time I only scrubbed it in place. Excellent!"

P.S., Kassel (GE), April 2020

"There is a canopy made of zinc sheet above the house entrance, which was already very dirty. With a hard brush on a stick, a bucket of water and about three caps of the Natural Magic Cleaner, I got it clean again."

H.S., Kassel (GE), August 2019

"In our residential complex there are some very dirty concrete elements that nobody cares about. After using the Natural Magic Cleaner successfully in my apartment for a long time, I tried it on the concrete block shown. I put the undiluted cleaner on a damp household sponge. With very good success, as you can see. I left a little bit of the original pollution in the photo on the right for comparison. The household sponge was then completely used up. The next time I try, I'll use a hard brush."

H.S., Kassel (GE), August 2019

"Today I cleaned steps in my garden, which I rarely use, with Natural Magic Cleaner. Two caps in a bucket of water and a hard brush. In a short time the dirt and the mossy topping were gone. For some remaining stubborn areas, I put a little cleaner undiluted on the brush."      
H.S., Kassel (GE), August 2019

"Wow, great stuff!"

K.H., base manager of a boat charter company, after cleaning the grill and grill area in his house, a dirty shower cup on a yacht, and a dirty rubber boat. Dubrovnik (CRO), July 2019

"The Natural Magic Cleaner is at least as good as all the cleaning agents that I have on board. Only much more environmentally friendly. And I only need ONE product for my whole ship."

Owner & Skipper of a German sailing yacht, ACI Marina Slano (CRO), July 2019

"Wow! It really works! I got all the greasy dirt off my fenders!" 

Owner & Skipper of a German sailing yacht, ACI Marina Slano (CRO), July 2019


"I just wanted to clean my fenders, but everything was so easy. Now I'm going to clean the whole boat. Right now I'm on the steel frame of the Bimini. Goes great!"

Owner of a motor yacht (IT), ACI Marina Slano (CRO), July 2019

"I am impressed! Despite repeated visits to a car wash, various dirt remains on my car. With a well-dampened cloth, the undiluted Natural Magic Cleaner and a little gentle rubbing, my car got clean again."

Jutta B., Kassel (GE), May 2019

"Very good! I've tried the Natural Magic Cleaner in the whole motorhome, inside and out. All clean. At the next opportunity I will also use it to clean the awning."

T. K., Kassel (GE), April 2019