Tips for use


. . . to get the best result with the Natural Magic Cleaner

It is important for a good result that you shake the container with the Natural Magic Cleaner well before each opening or mix it well in another way. Otherwise the full cleaning effect is not given.

The Natural Magic Cleaner does not contain any chemical substances, i.e. it does not contain any emulsifiers that combine the individual components of the cleaner. Therefore, these separate from each other over time and the cleaning power becomes less and less. By shaking, you combine the individual components into a highly effective whole.
Even if the cleaner becomes more viscous over time due to evaporation of the water content, this has no influence on the cleaning effect. The cleaner can be restored to its original state by adding a little water.


It is equally important that you moisten the cleaning tool (sponge, cloth, brush, or whatever you use as an aid for cleaning) well beforehand. If this aid is too dry, the Natural Magic Cleaner will not work optimally.

You do not need expensive special tools for cleaning. Use the tools that you would use without the Natural Magic Cleaner. For many surfaces, a normal household sponge with a soft side and one for scrubbing is completely sufficient.

The Natural Magic Cleaner is very economical. Depending on the degree of soiling, use the cleaner diluted (from 15 ml = approx. 2 caps of the standard bottle in 10 liters of water) down to undiluted on the well-moistened cleaning tool and rub the surface.
You can also use salt water for this.


IMPORTANT! Before cleaning sensitive surfaces (e.g. car paint, gelcoat of a yacht) with Natural Magic Cleaner and a sponge / brush / cloth, etc., remove the loose dirt with plenty of water (water hose, bucket full of water) to avoid scratching the surface.

For heavily soiled areas, it is best to do this (in the example, the 950 ml bottle is used): After mixing the cleaner by shaking, open the bottle and press the sponge (cloth, brush, etc.) onto the bottle opening. Then turn the bottle and sponge upside down and turn it back. The small amount of Natural Magic Cleaner that remains on the sponge (cloth, brush, etc.) is sufficient for the first cleaning process. Do not put Natural Magic Cleaner on the sponge (cloth, brush, etc.) until the first portion has been used. Otherwise, you only use a lot of Natural Magic Cleaner without increasing the cleaning power.

Stainless steel (bimini poles, rail supports, fittings, fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, etc.), chrome, other shiny surfaces and the sanitary area should first be cleaned with Natural Magic Cleaner as previously described. Then wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Shiny metals such as chrome finally polish with a dry cloth, if necessary.

Clean rubber boats, fenders, sails, tarpaulins, sprayhood, bimini, life jackets and the like first as described above with undiluted Natural Magic Cleaner. It works best with a household sponge or a soft brush. Both, as always, well moistened.
Then rinse with clear water and let dry.

Smooth leather and synthetic materials are best cleaned with diluted Natural Magic Cleaner and a soft, damp cloth or sponge.


NOT suitable for suede, Alcantara or similar.

If you have experiences with the Natural Magic Cleaner that supplement or differ from the ones described here, we will be happy to take them into account here. Please write us an email to

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