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. . . is the Natural Magic Cleaner ?

Natural Magic Cleaner is a pure natural product.
It protects the environment combined with great cleaning power, is gentle on the material and kind to the skin.

Natural Magic Cleaner contains no chemical or animal products, no fragrances and colors and no foaming agents.
100% biodegradable. It does not contain any lime remover either. (Tip: use diluted vinegar to loosen limescale.)

Natural Magic Cleaner can be used without protective clothing (breathing mask, glasses, gloves).

Natural Magic Cleaner can even be used with salt water. Please don't waste the limited fresh water resources.


Sodium Coconate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Helianthus annus, Sodium Canola, Sodium Olivate, Aqua.
The basic materials were tested by the Hessian State Laboratory in Wiesbaden (Germany).


NOT recommended for transparent materials such as glass panes or the window of a sprayhood (streaking!).
NOT suitable for Alcantara, suede and the like.

. . . has the Natural Magic Cleaner already been used successfully?

Watercraft & Equipment

Boat hull outside above the water line and in the entire interior (including pantry with oven, grill and dishes, sanitary area), ropes, fenders, sails, bimini, teak (deck / cockpit) and other wooden surfaces, chrome / stainless steel (rust film), plastics ( e.g. Fender), rubber (inflatable boat).

But also tarpaulins (e.g. winter cover), sprayhood, bimini, tree and headsail cover and the fabric cover of the bench in the salon, smooth leather and synthetic leather.

Car, Camper & Camping

Car wash outside and inside, camper / caravan outside and in the entire interior (including pantry with oven and grill, sanitary area), tarpaulins, awnings, camping furniture, dishes, chrome / stainless steel etc.

Industry, Home & Garden

Entire living area (including kitchen with oven and grill, sanitary area, smooth leather sofa, stone and wooden floors, furniture fronts), garden furniture, tarpaulins, awnings, chrome / stainless steel, stone steps, zinc sheet canopies, concrete pillars.

. . . containers are available and what does the Natural Magic Cleaner cost?

We currently deliver in the following containers:

  • 10 bottles (HDPE) of 950 ml in a box
  • Canister (HDPE), 4.75 liters
  • Canister (HDPE) 9.50 liters

The price depends on the container and the purchase quantity. Please contact us so that we can make you an offer.


. . . can buy the Natural Magic Cleaner from us?

We only sell to companies (own use or resale) or other independent sales partners.


We recommend that private individuals find out more on the "Sales Partners" page or contact us. We would be happy to help you find a suitable sales partner.